Thoughts on Onyx themes

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Thoughts on Onyx themes

Postby fyrm » Tue Jun 09, 2015 6:43 pm

So, I have seen a number of people guessing at what our themes will be come Onyx (with a few too many saying they'll just be Mantis reskins), so thought I'd post what I think may be in the stars for us. I could very likely be wrong (especially as I have a bunch of things I could see them doing), but it is still fun.

    Change tokens: personalities with good force that can give some up for abilities/kewords/other benefits. Think Shabura or Mara.
    Ranged shinanigans: Closest to Mantis, but can easily have differences. Shoot a R1 at everything without a follower, engage speed RA, Shoot from home, all things that we have had in the past and could be built on.
    Pearl Magic: Shugenja and spells with the pearl keyword. "But that would just be Moshi Thunder Shugs!??!?" some people will say, but looking at how they have been done, I would see them being very unique. Their effects would be tied to the number of Pearls in play and or in your discard, and can self destruct for a bigger effect. Maybe also have smaller effects so that they could be used by other shugs
    Follower creation: generates followers, make big stacks, bigger than could be made from 40 card decks, but each is weaker.
    Derp creation: similar to the last one, but think the Siege deck, or the new Ashigaru stuff. Actually, the latter makes me think this more likely.
    Force duelists: exactly what it says on the tin. low chi duelists that use force when they challenge (or maybe always for the uniques). Makes them strong at bully dueling, but can be bully dueled by other dueling decks.
    Dashmar Honor: Probably done as a sensei. Probably something like "limited bow: if you are at 30 honor at the start of your next turn you win. This number is increased if the threshold for you winning an honor victory is increased, and by the same amount." with smaller honor gains. Basically, instead of the sensei giving you honor, it reduces your end point. The number may have to be tweeked, but the net would not be that different.
    Akasha enlightenment: probably a sensei. When you meet some condition (XX Naga personalities, Play the special Akasha Ring, something else?), either some super strong effect (Nuke a prov like Fudo maybe?) or you just win.
    Akasha Military: Slivers from MtG. For those who don't know what that means, a bunch of cheap and weak Naga, but each one giving all Naga some kind of bonus.

So that is what I have thought of. Anyone else's thoughts?
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Re: Thoughts on Onyx themes

Postby Neckbeard » Tue Jun 09, 2015 6:57 pm

I feel like Naga commanders with RA followers is our most likely theme which will dominate most of our card base.

Token(or created cards) seems like a decent enough guess at #2 theme. We had a Box that did it, and it's still an effect that occasionally sees use.

I want naga honor, but it is highly unlikely. Zenathaar is Literally the only non-unique naga ever to be printed with a base 3ph or above, and the uniques are largely exp versions of dashmar, and clan champions(naga or key worded ooc).
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Re: Thoughts on Onyx themes

Postby schmoozies » Fri Jul 03, 2015 2:51 am

I would expect a pair of military themes to start. As others have said, some sort of follower token spam and ranged attacks seem safe bets. A back up Pearl Shugenja build would also make sense.

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