Onyx Edition - Non-Personality Reprints

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Onyx Edition - Non-Personality Reprints

Postby Tetsuro » Sun May 29, 2016 9:20 am

Note: Any Limited Action on these reprints is MRPed to Open. THIS INCLUDES AMBUSH.

Chrysanthemum Festival
Imperial Gift
Inheriting An Heirloom
Political Standoff
Proposal of Peace
There Is No Hope (Promo)
Unexpected Allies
Wisdom Gained

Akodo's Grave
Ashigaru Fort
Collapsing Bridge
Colonial Farm
Contemplative Shrine
Deep Harbor
Defensive Memorial
Developed Quarry
Family Librarian
Famous Bazaar
Farmer's Market
Forgotten Legacy
Jade Bazaar
Jade Works
Jiramu's Court
Lane of Immorality
Militia Training Ground
Momji's Chambers
Plain Library
Poorly Placed Garden
Productive Mine
Remote Temple
Roaming Caravan
Secluded Outpost
Shigekawa's Court
Summer Court
Tea House
Temple to the Elements
The Ivory Courtroom
Unscalable Walls
Wandering Caravan
Weapon Artist

Ashigaru Spearmen
Black Riders
Disciples of Ganesh
Dragon Elite Inkyo
Fudo's Fiends
Hardy Infantry
Heavy Cavalry
Heavy Infantry
Ichigo's Guard
Ichiro Yojimbo
Legion of the Khan
Light Cavalry
Light Infantry
Medium Cavalry
Medium Infantry
Oriole Imperial Vanguard
Skeletal Troops
The Dessicated
Zombie Troops (Promo)

Akodo Kaiken
Ancient Tome
Bo of Ritual Blessings
Crude Dai-kyu
Divination Bowl
Exquisite Nagimaki of the Fox Clan
Mask of the Oni
Reinforced Parangu
Stockpiled Weapon
Utaku's Destiny

Ring of Air
Ring of Earth
Ring of Fire
Ring of the Void
Ring of Water

All Water Flows
Contemplate the Void
Delving Into History
Impassable Waters
Intervening Spirit
Nature's Embrace
Searing Siege
Secrets on the Wind
The Sky's Barrier
Touch of Death
Visions of Darkness
Walking the Way
Your Heart's Enemy

A Growing Rift
A New Alliance
Aramoro's Promise
Banish All Doubt
Battlefield of Shallow Graves
Berserker Rage
Beset from All Sides
Breach of Etiquette
Brute Force
Chasing Osano Wo
Come One At A Time
Contentious Terrain
Corrupted Ground (Promo)
Costly Feud
Courage Beyond Question
Cowed By Wisdom
Dark Lord's Favor
Deny The Horde
Determined Challenge
Disappearing World Style
Discretionary Valor
Encircled Terrain
Faith in My Clan
Field of Glorious Slaughter
Final Sacrifice
Flashy Technique
For the Fallen
Forged Documents
Freezing the Lifeblood
Heedless Assault
Inexplicable Challenge
Infamous Strike
inspired Leadership
Ki-Rin Tattoo
Lonely Battlefield
Mountains of the Phoenix
No Hiding Place
Okura Is Released
Ongoing Division
Palm Strike
Rend The Soul
Sanctioned Duel
Shadowlands Sickness (Promo)
Show of Power
Sneak Attack
Stand As One
Strength Remains
Swan Technique
The Crystal Tears
The Final Lesson
The Turtle's Shell
Uncovering the Culprit
Unexpected Arrival
Viper Tattoo
Well Prepared
Wheels Within Wheels
Wounded in Battle
Your True Nature
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